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Leading nations back to God through ministry to families.


To Build God’s kingdom through empowered families.


To carry out the great commission (Matt.28: 18-20), to reach out to lost families and communities, fellowship with the body of Christ, disciple families, to worship God with our whole life, and to serve our community.



To empower and transform families into agents of change and enrichment through God’s Word.

Image by National Cancer Institute

We are not a typical church! We don't meet weekly in a physical location. We do take seriously our call to be

The Church! Living for Jesus, 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week.

We also take seriously our mission to go ignite all the world, starting at home, and extending to the nations!


Looking to get connected with a group of Christ followers that connect on a weekly basis? Here's how!

Praying Together


We are a multi-cultural Community Church focused on families and assisting “blended” Christians find their CALLING and PLACE in the community. 

We are a fellowship of people who love each other in the LORD and have a desire to see ONE ANOTHER grow as Disciples of Christ through the ministry of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. 

We follow Christ’s example by upholding the authority of the Bible. 

A church congregation that holistically prepares its members to meet the challenges of life, and committed to preventing “social drowning” of any kind in our congregation and community. 


Our focus is the Kingdom of GOD.

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