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Robert McCaig

Robert (Bob) McCaig was born in 1945 and grew up in a rural area of New York state.  I often smile and say that it was 10 miles to anywhere including a grocery store and the school I attended for 12 years.  My parents were farmers.  In my early years I learned how to milk cows, shear sheep, plant and harvest grain, and store up feed for the cattle during the winter months.  I was introduced to the Lord through Sunday School and church services which were a part of the normal routine for a Sunday morning.

After graduating from the local high school, I attended Clarkson College of Technology where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering.  While at Clarkson, I attended church where I found peace and joy that was a welcome change to the daily routine of studying and striving to be the best, I could be in my pursuit of a college degree.

Following my graduation from Clarkson College in 1968, I began my engineering career at International Business Machines (IBM) Federal Systems Division (FSD) and soon thereafter married the love of my life Marci.  In 1973, the Methodist Church which we attended held a Lay Witness Mission. It was during that 3-day mission that I reached out to Christ to be not just somebody I knew about, but my personal Savior. It was this event in May of 1973 that started my intimate relationship with my Lord and Savior.

In 1974, Marci and I moved to Virginia where we met many special people that were willing to walk with us and mentor us in our Christian growth.  During this time, we started to travel with a group on Lay Witness Missions where we ministered to the children during those 3-day events.  Later, we joined Emmanuel Baptist Church where I became a deacon and participated in a mission trip to Portugal.  In 1984 we joined New Covenant Fellowship (NCF) where I provided financial oversight.  In 2001, I was ordained as a pastor at NCF and have continued in that role to the present time.  It is at NCF that I met Igho Herbert who has a true heart for missions.  Igho’s heart is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through his own personal ministry, through his work, and through a Bible Study that he leads every Thursday.  Igho has allowed me to lead that Bible Study occasionally.

It is on Jesus Christ, the solid rock I stand, as a pastor that firmly believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that the Bible is the infallible Word of God given to us that we might know His truths.

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