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Pastor Igho Favour Herbert


I am Igho Favour Herbert, pastor of Chapel of His Glory (CHG). I came to Christ in an organic evolutionary way. Wait a minute, did I just say the “evolution” word? Yes I did and my Christian faith evolved for nearly five years: it was not something that happened spontaneously. So I can’t tell anyone I got “born again on xyz date”.

It all happened while I was in the boarding house in secondary school. Like all other students, I was required to join a social club, so I picked the Scripture Union. And that was how my faith evolved as I attended weekly meetings of Bible studies and prayers. This happened at James Welch grammar School, Emevor, Delta State, Nigeria.

I went on to study Sociology at University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria; Environment and (International) Development at University of Manchester, United Kingdom; an uncompleted Post Graduate Law Diploma at University of Exeter, Exeter (UK); Paralegal Certificate course at George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia, USA and several other training and certification courses in non-profit management. Non-profit management training took me to places like Brazil, Belgium, Britain, Germany, France and Netherlands to name a few.

Notice that I did not mention any theological certificates above. I did have some of those but I never went to a seminary. Reason? I had no plans of ever becoming a pastor. I loved being a worker in the body of Christ but never being in front or the one leading the show. So I served in various behind-the-scene positions. It was in these positions that my various pastors decided that I should become a pastor. I said various pastors because that seemed to be a recurring theme in my Christian walk for over twenty years. Each time I relocated or changed congregation, I ran into a pastor who has heard God calling me to be a pastor, or ordain me as one! Reluctantly, after running for over 20 years, I agreed.

I did not know that once I accepted to be ordained God had other plans for me. Like Paul, I am a pastor by grace not by training. I did not ask for it but I got it and I am totally committed to it. Chapel of His Glory is one part of that commitment because it was what God rewarded me with when I agreed to be a pastor.

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