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Pastor Igho Favour Herbert


I met the Lord in high school as a teenager and have had my share of challenges. I have fallen, risen and fallen, then now called to serve Him. I worked in the US on Refugees’ resettlement, disaster relief management, and immigration programmes. I have also worked on several rights issues (environment, labour, human rights, good governance, public health, resource management, etc.). Nothing in all of these indicated to me I’d one day draw on these to serve Him in the mission field.

Late 2012, when I moved to Virginia from Texas with a mandate to plant and pastor a congregation, my hope after the assignment, was to leave the US for a quiet life in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region. Missions work was the last thing on my mind until summer 2017, when I visited Scotland. Everything changed after hearing a voice telling me I ought to be working for the LORD overseas. Based on prayers (personal, with friends) and three different confirmations, I became convicted that God has called me to serve long-term in Europe.



Europe was the birthplace of modern Protestant Christianity (Martin Luther and John Calvin). Europeans also spread the gospel to the rest of the modern world. Sadly, now less than 2% of Europeans have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe that Europe is hungry for the Gospel – from young people who have never attended church to refugees fleeing the persecution of Islam. Now is the time to reach Europe by multiplying disciples and growing Christ’s church. Refugees (particularly Muslims) come from countries that are mostly closed to the Gospel and the Bible. When they show up on our shores, God is giving us an opportunity to actually take the Gospel to all nations! The Great Commission, “Go and preach the Gospel to all nations...” can now be fulfilled without the perils of travelling overseas to those closed regions!

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