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Our main method of discipleship at this time, due to the global pandemic, is a conference call style Bible Study.

A committed group of believers gathers weekly to study God's Word, pray together, and encourage one another.

Join us every Thursday

at 7pm (EST) / 6pm (CST)

Call: (712) 770-4887

Code: 553913

Image by Kelly Sikkema

We are not your regular Sunday-to-Sunday gathering or weekly activities congregation. We are more of a fellowship than your run-of-the-mill congregation.


As a fellowship, we focus on families in our neighborhoods. We believe that to build a congregation you need to build on families because they are the building blocks of any society. Strong families mean strong societies or communities.

Towards this end, we engage families through family-centred and or oriented activities.  Family Gatherings and Legal Aid Services for low-income families are two programs that drive our fellowship.


Volunteers are drawn from all congregations around. They put in their best efforts and resources to help a struggling family find its feet and begin to contribute to society.

Image by Jhon David
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